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World Language Program Parent Survey

Parents, as you may be aware, there was a proposal to move the World Language Program to Starlight Elementary School (located on Cougar Way and Starlight Ave.) for the 2018-19 school year. On October 12, the Palm Elementary Planning Committee held an informational meeting for parents with children in the program. The committee would like additional input from you.

Please take a moment to answer a survey on the program by clicking on the image below.

Thank you.


Encuesta Para Padres del Programa de Lenguajes Mundiales 

Padres de Familia, como ustedes sabrán, hubo una propuesta para mover el Programa de Lenguajes Mundiales a la nueva Escuela Primaria Starlight (ubicado en Cougar Way y Starlight Ave.) para el año escolar 2018-19. El 12 de octubre, el Comité de Planificación de Palm Elementary llevó a cabo una reunión informativa para padres con niños en el programa. El comité desea recibir información adicional de usted. Por favor tómese un momento para responder a una encuesta sobre el programa.

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Beaumont USD: World Language Program

Why World Language?  Because Businesses and Agencies Seek Bilingual Employees

Industry research from major business magazines and websites cite the high value given to employees and recruits who speak two or more languages.  From Money Magazine's story on college graduates seeking their first job to NBC News coverage on police departments needs for more Spanish speaking officer trainees, evidence abounds indicating that expanding your language skills makes you more competitive in the career you choose.  The Beaumont Unified School District's World Language Program addresses the one of the needs reflected in changing marketplace.

At Beaumont Unified School District, we are achieving major advancements in our innovative K-12 World Language Program.  At Palm Elementary School, students can enter the World Language Program as early as Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten, the age when their brains are more easily programmed to learn languages.  Students transition from speaking Spanish the entire day at kinder to speaking Spanish half the day by fifth grade.  This means they will have math and other courses taught to them in Spanish.  The program continues the momentum of the dual-language format to San Gorgonio Middle School and culminates at Beaumont High School.  Students will be fluent, as well as literate, in two languages which means they will be able to read, write, and speak English and their second language.  In fact, in high school, World Language students take AP Spanish and AP Spanish Literature.  As Spanish is the most commonly pursued second language in the U.S. workplace, we started with a full-Spanish program.  However, we are now adding Mandarin Chinese as a choice for our students.

“There are currently hundreds of students enrolled in the World Language Program throughout the district,” said Dr. Marilyn Saucedo, Director of College and Career Readiness for Beaumont Unified.

Beyond the language is the cultural understanding related to the bilingual studies.  In other words, we are also preparing students, not just for speaking in a second language to customers and clients, but to understand their cultural expectations and backgrounds.  Through projects related to art, music, and history, we are helping our students, the next generation of workers, appreciate cultural differences and learn the importance of building relationships in the workplace.  

“We make the experience fun for the children and their families, but there are real world applications to the curriculum,” said Beatrice Gray, Principal of Palm Elementary and founder of the program.

Recently, the State of California charged all school districts with preparing students for College and Career Readiness.  World Language courses meet the A-G requirements for all the University of California and California State Universities as well as many private colleges.  Literacy in World Languages other than English is also a key component to career readiness.  In fact, new employees with bilingual or bi-literacy skills can earn anywhere from 5 to 20% more than their counterpart who does not speak a second language.

Finally, as the global market comes to our front door, there is no time to lose.  Consumers order goods online and international products can now be delivered to the front door in a matter of hours.  “America operates at the speed of 'clicks' and that sound travels around the world in seconds.  Students from Beaumont Unified will be better able to meet the demands of a worldwide marketplace,” said Dr. Maureen Latham, Beaumont District Superintendent.

So how can you prepare your child for the global marketplace?  

Enroll your kindergarten student in the World Language Program by calling the Beaumont Unified School District at (951) 845-1631 to learn more.  You can decide if this program fits you and your child's goals.  We know one thing; Knowledge of more than one language fits the goals for being college and career ready.


*  Spanish

*  English

*  Mandarin

*  TK

*  Kindergarten

*  Grades 1 - 5


*  Prepares students for global opportunities

*  Develops cultural sensitivity

*  Encourages collaborative relationships

*  Gives students an opportunity to make positive difference in the world